About the Artist


With a flair for lighting and obsession with color, Michelle's works embody a classical view of beauty, artistry, and storytelling. Although her work varies in tone and subject material, her imaginative compositions posses distinguished visuals that keep viewers engaged.

The collision of her deep understanding of branding and chic sense of creativity allows her to create singular and impactful works of art for each and every client.

Michelle is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her degree in Marketing gives her a deeper insight into her client's needs and understands how to create the perfect balance of visual artistry and effective campaigning.

Her work covers Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Product, Cosmetics, Nails, Advertising & Editorial photography.



JAFRA Cosmetics, Young Reader's Penguin Group, Random House, Hachette Group, Organic Seven, Laser Away, Lammily, Zylist, Esme Hair, La Chatelaine, Carrot Sense Inc., Wave Glider, Mimi Tran Design, Barracuda Luggage, Lorelei Brushes, CAA GBG Design



Playboy Russia, L'Officiel Latvia, Forbes.com, The Observer, DOPE Magazine, Institute Magazine,  Beauty Solutions Magazine, Lucy's Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Advanced Photoshop, Gen Facio Magazine, Dark Beauty Magazine



Winner of North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) 2017, Comic-Con 2012, Finalist in Wacom contest, First Place in Pix Digital Imaging Contest, Photographer of the Year (VCHS), First place winner in Zemotion contest




Los Angeles, California

San Francisco, California